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What to Expect at a Private Sound Healing Session

Heart Resonance offers Private Sound Healing Session on the Gold Coast. Courtney Tyssen, our Sound Healing Practitioner, offers a personalised and deeply therapeutic experience through the use various sound, meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques to promote relaxation, wellbeing and self-healing. In particular, Courtney specialised in the energetic healing qualities of Crystal Singing Bowls, which have amazing abilities to release stuck energy and restore balance in the body. Courtney also accompanies her Crystal Singing bowls with other healing vibrations; these include chimes, drums, gong, voice and the critical element of silence for integration.

So, what exactly will the private sound therapy session look like? While the specific details will vary from client to client, here are some general aspects you can expect from a private sound healing session with Courtney from Heart Resonance:

Intention Setting

At the beginning of the session, you will discuss your intentions and desired outcomes. This helps create a focused and personalised experience tailored to your needs. This is also a vital element of the sound healing principal: Frequency + Intention = Healing

Creating a Comfortable Environment

The session will take place in a quiet and serene space, free from distractions. The room will be softly lit and you will be invited to lie down on a mattress as you are surrounded by healing instruments. The session may also include essential oils or incense to enhance relaxation, and you will be offered blankets, pillows and an eye pillow to support your comfort.

Relaxation Techniques

After you find a comfortable place to lie down, Courtney may guide you through breathing exercises or meditation techniques to help you unwind and prepare for the sound experience. She may also incorporate other relaxation techniques to help calm the nervous system.

Sound Journey

Courtney will incorporate sound instruments in a rhythmic and intentional manner. These instruments include singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, tuning forks, and sometimes even voice. These may be played both on and off the body. The sounds and vibrations produced by these instruments will resonate with different aspects of your being on a physical, mental, and energetic level; Each instrument has its own frequency that resonate with different elements of our mind and body. The experience is often described as immersive, deeply soothing and a massage for your organs, nervous system and mind. Courtney will be guided by her reading of the energetic and subtle body, feeling into what instruments are called to be played at the time. She will also align this with the intention set at the beginning of the session. The instruments are played to help release stuck energy, encourage the bodies parasympathetic nervous system response, and move through the chakra system to create balance in the body. If there is a particular area of concern, instruments may be placed directly on or near this area to encourage relaxation and release (such as tuning forks used in Acu Sound Therapy).

Personalised Approach

Courtney may focus on specific areas of your body or energy centres (chakras) based on your individual needs or intentions. She may also move around the room while playing the instruments, directing the sound towards specific areas or allowing it to envelop the entire space. The instruments may be played both on the body and off the body.

Sensations and Reactions

During the session, you may experience a range of sensations, such as relaxation, warmth, tingling, twitching or a feeling of energy movement. It is common for emotions to arise, and it is important to observe these emotions without judgement and let them flow freely, rather then suppressing them further - usually when something arises during the session it has done so to be recognised and released. You may also enter a meditative or altered state of consciousness. Some people even fall asleep, and this is perfectly ok. The vibrations are still able to effect the body while you are asleep. Essential, your experience of every session will be completely different.

Integration and Reflection

After the sound journey, Courtney will provide time for silence, which is extremely important for integration of the vibrations. This is also a time for you to reflect on your experience. Courtney will then offer gentle guidance to bring you back into the space, and will invite you to a cup of tea and small snack as you reconnect with the present moment and ground yourself.

Follow-up Discussion

Courtney will finish the session by inviting you to share any insights or sensations you may have had during the session. She will aim to offer post-session support, answer any questions you have, or provide recommendations for integrating the benefits of the session into your daily life.

Remember that each sound healing session is unique, and Courtney's approach in the session may vary depending on your needs. Courtney will continue to communicate throughout the session and explain what to expect. It's essential to communicate your preferences and any concerns you may have before and during the session to ensure a comfortable and effective experience. It is also important that you share any medical conditions listed in the contraindications list, to ensure there is no risk in causing harm during the sessions. Please read the full list of contraindications here prior to booking a session.

If you have any questions about what to expect at a private sound healing session or if a private sound therapy session is right for you, do not hesitate to call us on 0418 888 743 or email

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