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About Us

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Heart resonance is made up of duo Courtney and Steve, who both share a deep passion for music & sound, mindfulness practices and living an authentic life full of creative self-expression. They have both studied Sound Healing with the world leading Sound Healing Academy based in the UK. This couple believes in offering individuals a space where they can relax, reset and let go of that which no longer serves them, helping to move stuck energy in the body and limiting beliefs in the mind. Their Sound Baths are focused on resetting the nervous system, getting people out of 'fight or flight' mode and setting intentions for a renewed sense of purpose. Their hope is to help people reconnect to their intuition and inner knowing, and build unconditional love for self and others, allowing every soul to find a deeper connection to their heart space.

Heart Resonance is registered with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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Meet Courtney

Sound Healing Practitioner

Courtney has studied Integral Sound Healing, Meditation Teaching, Holistic Coaching, and is currently studying a certificate IV in Mental Health, giving her a well rounded approach in her 1-on-1 healing sessions and group sound bath events from both an energetic and scientific perspective. She uses proven methods in her teachings and sessions to help people improve their overall wellbeing and achieve their goals, as well as being intuitively guided through frequency and vibration.

Courtney has a passion for helping individuals to feel a real sense of connection and inner peace. She practices deep listening with her clients, allowing their needs, wants and dreams to shine through so she can use the power of sound healing to magnify these intentions. 

Her hope is to allow people to come home to themselves and to reconnect to their intuition.


- Diploma in Integral Sound Healing Specialising Crystal Singing Bowls (Sound Healing Academy, UK)

- Meditation Teacher Training (Melbourne Meditation Centre, Aus)

- Currently undergoing a Certificate IV in Mental Health (TAFE Queensland, Aus)


Meet Steve

Professional Percussionist

Steve has held a lifelong passion for music since before he can remember, and he believes that music has the power to bring people together. After getting his first drum kit at age 14, Steve has since toured the world in various bands and played over 1000 gigs across Australia, Europe, North and South America.

Also a prolific singer-songwriter, having independently released 11 solo albums, Steve now channels his wealth of musical knowledge and experience into the healing realm and loves sharing the healing power of sound with others.  


- Sound Healing Certificate Specialising in Gongs and Percussion Instruments (Sound Healing Academy, UK)

Meet our Sound Healing Family

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All our sound healing instruments are very loved and cherished. They are tuned to vibrational frequencies that allow you to drop quickly into a relaxed state and each have their own unique qualities for healing potential.

We use the following instruments in our sound baths and 1 on 1 sessions:

- Finely Tuned 432hz Crystal Singing Bowls
- Paiste Symphonic Gong

- Koshi Chimes

- Tibetan Singing Bowls

- Ocean Drum 

- Hand Drum

- Guitar
- Voice

The instruments used always changes and is decided intuitively at each session, as we are lead by the energy of the client or group. We like to say that the instruments play us! 

Want to meet us in person?

Check out our upcoming events or book a private sound healing session. 
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