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Corporate Sound Healing Workshops

Gold Coast, Brisbane & Byron Bay

Looking for a way to bring wellness into your workplace? Heart Resonance offers corporate workshops throughout Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay, designed to help companies provide wellness for their staff.

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Wellness practises are being brought to the workplace now more than ever due to the overwhelming evidence of how wellness practices can boost staff performance and job satisfaction in the workplace. Heart Resonance provide a holistic approach to Wellness. We specialise in sound healing, meditation and mindfulness practices, but can also incorporate yoga, movement and breath work.

We love helping companies weave wellness practices into their workplace culture. These sessions are designed to help your team achieve balance both physically and mentally, to promote increased creativity, manage stress and to bring a renewed energy to their workplace.

Got questions? Contact us today, and let's chat about how we can give your employees a wellbeing boost!

We come to you

Choose your theme

If you are located in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron Bay area we will happily drive to your location to host a wellness workshop. All you need is a small area where your staff can lie down comfortably. We usually suggest businesses to move furniture to the side of the room if needed, to create space for the session. Your staff will also need to bring a yoga mat and pillow for the session. 

We can work with you to create a theme based on your desired outcome. Is there a quality your staff can embrace, such as resilience or creativity? Would you like to develop skills to deal with stress and emotions?  Maybe you would just prefer to offer your staff a moment of deep relaxation and rest, so they can return to work renewed and re-energised. Whatever your vision, we will help you move towards it. 

Affordable options

No experience required

We know that you need to stay in budget! Our goal is to spread sound healing and its amazing benefits far and wide, and so we have kept our fees low so more companies can enjoy the experience. 

Your staff do not need any prior experience in sound healing, meditation or mindfulness practices. Our workshops are designed for everyone from beginners through to avid mindfulness gurus! 

If you’d like more information about our Corporate Wellness Workshops, get in touch today.

Phone 0418 888 743

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