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Gong Soundbath for Grounding with Earth Energy

Below is a 10 minute gong soundbath by Steve for Grounding with Earth Energy. Watch below!

Recommended to listen on good speakers or headphones 🎧 Find yourself a comfortable sitting or lying position to enjoy these sounds.

Our 32” symphonic gong produces low frequency sound waves similar to those naturally occurring in the Earth and planets, that can synchronize brainwave activity to patterns associated with deep meditation, creative states or transcendent consciousness. These beneficial brainwave states include increased Alpha waves for relaxation and intuitive thinking, transitioning at times into Theta waves associated with creative insight, mood elevation and stress reduction.

These soothing yet energizing brain states induced by the gong can create a therapeutic effect on the nervous system. This gong bath allows one to tap into parasympathetic nervous system activation for physiological relaxation, while still maintaining just enough sympathetic nervous system tone for revitalization.

The combination of the deeply relaxing sound frequencies and conscious grounding helps clear stuck emotional energy patterns that may be causing inner turmoil or confusion. As one releases control over the conscious thinking process, the gong's sound vibration begins to work directly on cellular memory and energy blocks lodged in the body.

While listening to the soothing gong tones, bring your attention to your deep core centre and send imaginary roots from your body deep down into the Earth for grounding. Visualise drawing stabilising earth energy up into your body on the inhale, while clearing stagnant energies down into the Earth on the exhale.

The gong tones begin very slow yet rhythmic, emulating an Earth Heartbeat vibration. Imagining your heart beginning to synchronize with our Earth Mother's heart calms the nervous system and reminds one of their interconnection to the greater Web of Life. This coherence between self, community and nature's organic rhythms allows one to flow with synchronicity and harness the powerful momentum of our Earth heartbeat for balance, renewal and forward movement into one's soul passions.

As you consciously ground into the Earth listening to the gong's enlivening yet deeply relaxing tones, you strengthen the connection and coherence between your mind/body energy systems. This gets the energy moving in a healthy flow so your meridian channels and chakras resonate in their natural frequencies without interference. Any stuck places or rigid armoring in the body/mind unwinds, releasing inner blockages that create disharmony, disease or dysfunction.

The strengthened mind/body communication makes it easier for your body wisdom to convey helpful messages to your conscious awareness mind. You learn to listen to and trust your gut instincts and body's subtle feedback cues as guides from your Higher Self. Honouring the body as a channel for your soul supports greater attunement with your authentic heart-wisdom for empowered, loving action.

A further benefit of conscious body awareness while listening to the soothing gong tones is awakening vitality in parts of your being that may have become dormant. Expanding perception into the senses, breath, physical sensations or even cellular consciousness breathes life into compartmentalized parts that became blocked by distraction or trauma.

By repeatedly immersing in gong induced higher states during sound healing sessions, you strengthen neural pathways for accessing these expanded states of unity, grace and trust. Gradually this elevated frequency stabilizes into your energy field, allowing you to access these states in daily life.


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