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Third Eye Chakra: A Complete Guide to Understanding, Healing, and Balancing for Intuition, Wisdom, and Inner Knowing

The Third Eye Chakra, nestled between our brows, holds our intuition, wisdom, and inner knowing. It's the seat of perception beyond the physical realm. Connect with your intuition today—meditate, reflect, or simply trust your gut feelings. Embrace the depth of your inner wisdom, allowing it to guide you on your path toward clarity and understanding.

Third Eye Chakra Quick Guide

Third Eye Chakra Guide

Colour: Indigo

Mantra: Aum

Element: Light

Location: Between Eyebrows

Quality: Intuition

Sanskrit: Ajna

Symptoms of Energy Imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra

At the centre of intuition and inner wisdom, the Third Eye Chakra guides our perception. Signs of depleted energy within this centre impacts our intuitive insights and mental clarity. On the flip side, excess energy might lead to disconnection from reality or over-reliance on intuition.

Restoring harmony within the Third Eye Chakra will nurture our intuition and foster clear perception. If you resonate with at least 3 ‘depleted’ or ‘in excess’ symptoms, then you may wish to explore practices to awaken harmony within this perceptive energy hub.

Third eye Chakra Imbalance Symptoms

Essential Oil Practice for the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil: Lavendar

Lavender essential oil aids in balancing the Third Eye Chakra, promoting intuition and clarity. Its calming aroma invites inner peace, deepens meditation, and enhances intuition. Use Lavender to embrace your inner wisdom and open the gateway to higher consciousness. Let the soothing scent of Lavender guide your inner vision.

Practice: Mindful Dream Journaling

Diffuse Lavender oil in your bedroom before bedtime to enhance relaxation. Keep a dream journal nearby and upon waking, write down your dreams while the calming scent of Lavender lingers. This practice can enhance dream recall and aid in intuitive insights.

Please note, any recommendations made should not be taken as medical advice and are explored at your own risk. Always consider your own wellbeing and consult with qualified professionals for personalised advice. Your well-being matters—explore mindfully.

Movement Practice for the Third Eye Chakra

To enhance the connection with your Third Eye Chakra, try exercising your eyes. Find a comfortable seat, close down the eyes and bring your attention to the space in the centre of your head. Then open the eyes and begin moving the eyes in all directions. Begin by guiding your gaze upward and downward, then shift your sight from side to side, repeating this sequence a few times. Proceed to trace diagonal lines with your eyes in both directions, alternating sides. Then, you could explore semi-circular motions, crafting half-moons in both directions with your eyes, and conclude with full circles in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Repeat these movements for as long as feels right for you before rubbing the palms of your hands together to create some heat and bring your hands over your eyelids, enjoying the warmth on your hands. Finish this practice by giving yourself a massage along your brows and down to your temples. Sit and enjoy the after effects of this practice.

Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

Reinforce your Third Eye Chakra by repeating one or all of these affirmations to yourself, encouraging the flow of energy to this centre. This is an amazing practice when you feel you need to connect more with your divine essence or the power of the universe, nurturing a deeper spiritual connection.  You can also come up with your own by bringing your attention to your Third Eye Chakra and noticing what comes up for you there. Turn these sensations into positive affirmations and repeat them daily for profound impact.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations

As we conclude our journey through the Third Eye Chakra, recognize the power of intuition and inner wisdom within you. Cultivate mindfulness, explore meditation, and trust your inner guidance. By nurturing your intuition, you unlock the gateway to higher consciousness and clarity. Embrace the insights that flow and allow the Third Eye Chakra to guide you towards a more enlightened path.

Sound healing is an amazing offering to balance your energy centres. If you are feeling out of balance or would like support in creating balance within and improving your wellbeing, reach out to Courtney from Heart Resonance with any questions. You can also book a group sound healing or private sound therapy session.


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